Saturday, February 9, 2013

Films Watched 2013: #3

Silent Hill (2006)

To be honest my wife started watching this and I kind of drifted into it too. A not very scary horror based on the video game of the same name about a mother who takes her adopted daughter to the mysterious town of Silent Hill to solve her sleepwalking problems. What follows does have some undeniably arresting visuals but is hamstrung by inane dialogue, incoherent, game level plotting and Sean Bean's rubbish American accent. It doesn't make a jot of sense and soon it's hard to care as characters stumble around in the dark mouthing portentous inanities. Even the great Alice Krige can't save it from being anything more than a mildly diverting exercise in style over substance, a surreal-lite car-crash. Although having said that, director Christophe Gans' all-out disregard for plot or sense in favour of having troupes of zombie nurses doing interpretive dance routines could see it become a bit of a cult classic in time.

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