Monday, June 21, 2010

Lost in Sofia

Just came across this early-sighting trailer for Sofia Coppola's latest Somewhere. As a big fan of Lost in Translation I like the way it seems to be mining a similar vein of jet-lag sweetness, lost souls making connections in intermediary places, escaping the unbearable lightness of existence in a somewhere that could be anywhere.


  1. Yes, this trailer certainly makes me want to see this flick, if at the least, to prove that Stephen Dorff can actually act he just doesn't read scripts. I also love Lost in Translation. I really a modern day La Dolce Vita if you think about it.

  2. I must admit Stephen Dorff's career is a total mystery to me. Has he ever been in a hit film? I couldn't even name one of his films, hit or not, and yet he always seems to be around. How does he do it? As for Lost in Translation being a modern day La Dolce Vita. Interesting idea. I don't think it has the social or moral scope of Fellini's film but they do share a sense of dissillusionment with the high life. Maybe this is where 40 years of celebrity culture has got us. There's no longer any social or moral context for these peoples' lives. All they can hope for is a brief moment of genuine human contact in an unreal world.