Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oscar Nomination for Secret of Kells!

Just got the news that Kilkenny's own Cartoon Saloon have been Oscar nominated for The Secret Of Kells. I was only talking to its director Tomm Moore at the film club last week. I didn't realise at the time the film was on the long list. It's a phenomenal achievement for an independent, feature-length animated film. I remember doing an article at the time of a fund-raising launch they had in Dublin nearly ten years ago now. That's ten years ago, people. I mean, fuck James Cameron and however long it took him to do Avatar. What the guys at Cartoon Saloon did was real perseverance and determination. And they had the sense to understand that all the technical wizardry in the world isn't worth bupkiss if you haven't got an interesting story to tell as well.
And now those ten years have been worth it and they're getting the recognition they deserve. It would nearly make you believe there's some kind of justice in the world after all. All we need now is for them to win it. But to be honest that's unlikely. It's up against some stiff competition this year with Coraline, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Princess And The Frog and Up the other contenders. But you never know, stranger things have happened. Good luck to them anyway.

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